American Politics 411

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Welcome to American Politics 411! Whether you’re politically savvy, or just a concerned American seeking straight-forward unbiased political information, AP411 is destined to be your #1 source for politics, news, research-laden facts, and interest-focused intellectual media.

At American Politics 411 we know your time is valuable, and whether you care about politics or not, politics affect every aspect of your everyday life. Therefore, we believe that doing research on the candidates, politicians, and legislation that concern you shouldn’t be a daunting or time consuming task. So with a beautifully simplistic design, American Politics 411 is determined to give you the tools you will need to break through the divisive partisan rhetoric that has become a staple in politics and the media at large.

American Politics 411 is a tri-partisan collaboration lead by students dedicated to redefining transparency in politics and the media. As a country and as citizens, united we stand, divided we fall, regardless of our religious or political ideology, the decisions we make today will affect how we, and our children live tomorrow.